Following my older question Do we need to create sample questions?,

I discovered this Joomla Support Request Template from Brian Teeman's blog. I think we could use this, or a similar version that may fit in JSE.

Any suggestions, on how to make this visible for new-comers?

Joomla Support Request Template

  • I am having a problem with?'
  • Describe the problem (no more than 100 words)
  • What version of Joomla are you using (in x.y.z format)?
  • Which template are you using?
  • Did you try using the default Protostar template?
  • When did your problem begin?
  • Do you have a backup from before the problem began?
  • What resources (exact links) have you read?
  • Is this an issue with an extension, if so which one?
  • If it is an extension issue have you checked the developers site?
  • Link to site so we can see the issue (or screenshots)
  • Is registration required to reproduce this issue?

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It's a bit of a tricky one in my opinion. Only problem we face is, we can't change what information the user see's before posting a question, which would be a good guide on how to post a question.

There is a "How to" page, but it's not really visible and most people want a quick a simple solution to their problem, thus they don't bother looking around to see examples of other questions.

I think the best thing we can do is, create a new JSE Meta post, titled (for example) :

"How to ask a good question?"

Then we can compile an answer showing the user the relevant information they need to provide us.

When a users asks a new question which is considered too broad, we can simply refer them to this Meta post.

  • Still awake? hehe... well having the meta post here for linking on too broad or unclear questions sounds good. We still need to have this post (q/a) created at some point though.
    – FFrewin
    Commented Nov 10, 2015 at 0:36
  • Only just lol :) Yup, If you create a new topic, I can mock up a community wiki answer in the morning
    – Lodder
    Commented Nov 10, 2015 at 0:44
  • I don't see this happening these days from my side... when there is some extra time avail I will give it a try.
    – FFrewin
    Commented Nov 10, 2015 at 0:46
  • meta.joomla.stackexchange.com/questions/250/…
    – Lodder
    Commented Nov 10, 2015 at 0:51

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