When in JSE or other cases in StackOverflow, I found questions that are off-topic and should be closed because they should be asked in the other site, I am following the flag link and the given explanations, when I am reaching at the point that this question should be asked to that X,Y,Z site... But usually the options there are minimum and usually not the ones I am looking for.

So I am wondering, how does this work and what defines which websites should be available there? And why it's not possible to select from all other SE websites?


I've also seen this and it's rather annoying.

I assume because the site is in Beta, therefore the only site we can suggest a question be migrated to is Meta JSE.

It would be nice to have at least the mains sites:

  • Stackoverflow
  • SuperUser
  • Serverfault

Maybe suggesting this on Meta StackExchange would be an idea

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