When in JSE or other cases in StackOverflow, I found questions that are off-topic and should be closed because they should be asked in the other site, I am following the flag link and the given explanations, when I am reaching at the point that this question should be asked to that X,Y,Z site... But usually the options there are minimum and usually not the ones I am looking for.

So I am wondering, how does this work and what defines which websites should be available there? And why it's not possible to select from all other SE websites?

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I've also seen this and it's rather annoying.

I assume because the site is in Beta, therefore the only site we can suggest a question be migrated to is Meta JSE.

It would be nice to have at least the mains sites:

  • Stackoverflow
  • SuperUser
  • Serverfault

Maybe suggesting this on Meta StackExchange would be an idea

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