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Can JoomlaDay events offer "Not a Robot" badges to JSE users?

I want to do something cool at JoomlaDay Australia 2019 in Brisbane! StackOverflow has this tag: not-a-robot Can JSE have it too? Resources: ...
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Tag request FlexiContent

Never really made a tag suggestion but I dont have enough rep obvioulsy to make it myself. I am trying to use FlexiContent as a CCK and find the tutorials on their site lacky (Part of it is a language ...
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About Update, Upgrade, Migration Tag

I was reviewing the Tags recently - came across the Update, Upgrade and Migration, and Migrate. Upgrade has no entry yet. Update has the following excerpt: This tag is for questions about updating ...
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Can a "jevents" tag be created to minimise the misuse of the "jevent" tag?

Assuming the jevent tag was created for questions relating to the JEvent Class in the API, could a jevents tag be created for questions relating to the ...
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Do we need a tag for tutorials, resources and such?

Although the site concept discourages questions asking for links, references to tutorials etc... the fact is that we finally have and will keep having such questions. Given that, shall we consider to ...
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Required Tags when asking a question

There was a discussion a while back about including the Joomla version as a tag when asking a question. As some may know, I am all for this. Those who have already asked question on this meta will ...
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What should the format of tags be for different Joomla! versions?

I think for these specific tags it might be better to come up with an agreed upon format rather than let everyone come up with it on the fly. Some quick examples being Joomla! 2, Joomla 2.5.x, J3, 2.5....
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Talking about Tags

What should be the wording of tags we are using for the Joomla StackExchange? I saw tags like "jdatabase" and "mysql" for a generic SQL Query question. In my opinion it should be "database" and "sql"...