Since cracking the 1000 rep level, I've noticed that the red dot that sometimes appears over the Review Queue icon in the top menu is lighting up when there are no posts to review. I mean there is nothing in JSE nor the JSE Meta to review.

This must be a glitch of some description, because I can't imagine a good reason to design this false positive alert.

Is anybody seeing this too? Can mods ask to have this fixed up?

enter image description here

And for the record, I am not performing any recent review Skips or maxing out my daily review limits.


I can't say I've seen this happen before.

The only thing I can think of is you have have skipped a review item and it may be cached or something. Either that or you just need to force refresh the page

If the problem still occurs, post a question on StackExchange Meta and one of the developers will probably get back to you

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