Just saw something in the review queue as a late answer:


I clicked "No action needed" as it's still a valid answer, however it's simply incorrect.

What should be done in cases like this?

I'm not sure whether to comment, flag or leave it as is.


Down vote. That is the best response to wrong or incomplete answers.

I would then also comment including information in your comment on why you think that the answer is wrong or incomplete.

I personally will not delete wrong answers, but if you flag it, I will probably also down vote the answer and leave a comment.

The only case where I tend to delete is if the answer is basically a copy of an existing answer.


I also noted the answer, and flagged it for moderator attention, mostly because there is no such file as templatename/layout/theme.php in Joomla by default. I also noted yet another answer to the same question, that also struck me as low quality. Not sure why this old (solved) question suddenly is getting so much attention...

  • Once someone comments on it, it moves to the top of the list... Apr 27 '15 at 16:26

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